Tesla Boy – “Thinking of You” Video

Tesla Boy just gave their new video to Pop Justice… Why they didn’t give it to me is a mystery… Everyone who hasn’t heard the album should go and buy it…  Its on Amazon or whatever so why don’t you actually go buy an album for once?… The album doesn’t rely on the tried and tested MySpace tunes you have all heard with only a couple of tracks you have heard before on the tracklisting… which is below… But it is just as you would expect… Fantastic synth pop at it’s best.

1. Electric Lady
2. Synthetic Prince
3. Rebecca
4. Synchronizing
5. Minsk-2
6. Dark Street
7. Liberating Soul
8. Fire
9. Make Believe Ballroom
10. Thinking of You
11. Speed of Light

Russian Men Cause English Man’s Uncomfortable Underwear Situation

Doesn't matter if you're black or white

Doesn't matter if you're black or white... Russian

Since starting this blog I have been waiting for Tesla Boy to release something so I can rave on like a mental about how good they are without being “So 4 seconds ago”… As is the nature of the game in blogspace.  So imagine my pant tightening joy when this was announced on their FaceBook page (first as far as i know) A remix of the already great (albeitnotasgreatastheGrumremixbutthat’sanotherstory) Nightdrive with You by long standing Valerie contributor Anoraak.

Anoraak – Nightdrive With You (Tesla Boy Remix)

Anoraak – Nightdrive With You (Grum Remix)

Official verdict… Do I like it?… Does the guy from Keane look like Little Lord Fauntleroy?… That means yes. But it ain’t quite as stunning as their original work.

Tesla Boy Myspace

If my brain was the world (don’t worry, that isn’t likely) then this band would be at number one in the charts everytime they released something (Followed closely by Miami Horror at number 2… I could go on… trust me I could)

The next thing to tick off my “list of things I would like to happen in the world of electropop” is that whoever refused their visa the last time they were meant to play in the UK would change their mind so London town can see what they are really made of…Although I fear that might be as likely as using the sentence “I’ve just washed my nob, we should probably leave” as a successful chat up line in a club.

Until next time…