Uffing Ugly or Uffing Uffable… Understand?

I may be guilty of sounding like when your Dad when he finally discovers the wonder of (insert generic once quite cool until they got really popular band) and won’t stop going on about them thinking he is on the razors edge of music but…

I don’t know where I was for the 8 seconds that Uffie was cool enough to actually tell people that you liked her… probably taking a shit… And don’t get me wrong I heard her music around… but I never really paid any attention until I was bored the other day and trawling through the millions of old blog posts (I mean really bored) and stumbled upon the video for Pop the Glock and fell in love… Not with the music… But with her. Then I found some more pics of Uff and fell out of love.. Then more pics.. In love… More… Out… You get it.

The answer has been asked many times it is seems as I found in my blog travels but the answers always descended into a pretentious/pompous  argument about her music and credibility. So I ask again, and try to keep on point this time yeah?

Go here and flick through the photos on LastFm if you haven’t seen enough to make your decision.

No music this time afraid… I was gonna add something as a sweetner from another more deserving artist but I didn’t want to spoil anyone’s reputation by associating them with such mediocre music… Don’t worry more substantial offerings soon.