From Heaven… Russ Chimes does Ellie Goulding

Ellie.. Practicing her shotput technique?

Russ Chimes makes me wet… Simple… Not an image you want in your head… Not even an image I want in my head… But it’s true…

This was all over the blogs now within a couple of nano seconds of it being posted on DiscoDust. Unfortunately I seem to have too much of a life at the moment to get these things posted as soon as I hear about them… and for that I’m truly sorry because this is a little bit special.

Ellie Goulding has been in every “Ones to watch” list out there… and rightly so, She seems to be a great female pop act with no gimmicks… for once.  So when I heard that Russ Chimes was doing a remix of her new single “Starry Eyes” I got a bit excited… and when I heard it… “Shit… The…Bed”… and I don’t say that often (actually, I say it all the time but I rarely mean it.)

Listen and fall in love… then realise the reason for my dampness

Just to prove what a ridiculous stalker fan I am of this man… Here is a picture of me and him… (why do I do this to myself.)

Russ and Creasey sitting in a tree...