And for my First Trick… ChromeOMG!!

2step 2step 2step

What you wanna call it? 2step 2step 2step

See I never thought I would ever be one of those people who was so obsessed with anything that their friends had to have “the talk” with you before you started having delusions that you would much rather perform an obscene act upon a close family member than lose said thing out of your life, but i think that time might have come… Not to perform an obscene act on a loved one, but for my friends (if they truly are my friends) to intervene. But until they do, my love affair with Chromeo will continue.

 Now, I’m not one to teach or preach about anything… so I won’t. If you want to know more about them then I suggest you read a blog that starts with the following

“Montreal based electrofunk….”

“Talkbox wielding synthpopers” (actually I like that one…)


“Dave (Dave Maklovitch) 1  and Pee (Patrick Gemayel) Thug..”

for more information. All I’m gonna do is say is listen to their new track (link below) then listen to everything else that they have ever made, then listen to all the remixes ever made, then once you have done that, let me know, and we can all relax, safe in the knowledge that Chromeo are by far the best thing to happen to music… ever (I don’t actually believe that… much)

Chromeo – Night By Night, download link

Chromeo – Night by Night (Skream remix) From Annie Mac’s (good apart from when she speaks) radio show

Actually, to prove the obsession even more (I have no idea why I am doing this to myself) follow the link below and see that this isn’t the first time the madness has been realised in blog form.

 Over 50 Chromeo remixes… ranked in order

 In the words of the man that shares the same facial features as a walnut’s scrotum… First blog… Done