To Hell – 16-Bit does Noisia

This is what comes up when you type "Rapist Robot Zombies" into Google Image

Imagine a movie where 40 foot half man half robot pedophile zombies attack the earth… Then imagine of something more terrifying… then imagine the soundtrack… You there? Well imagine no more. The soundtrack is here.

Being in essence a DnB nut from when I was just basically a kid made me think that Noisia where “The best that ever did it” when it came to production filth perfection, but now it pains me to say this… But the DubStep boys got them on the ropes with this one.

The original sounds like what music Metallica would make if they happened to be robots with synths for biceps and a distotion units for faces. Listen for yourselves…

Noisia – Machine Gun

But the 16-bit remix sounds like… well… even bigger production equipment based robots raping another bigger more angry production equipment based robot. Check out the second drop… Seriously the heaviest thing I have ever heard…

Noisia – Machine Gun – 16-bit Remix

A few verbal reactions to this could be:

“I have just shit and sicked at the same time”

“I have just shit my pants… several times”

“Fuck the sun!!!!!”

“This music hurts my feelings!!”

You may have said something else, I would love to hear what that something was… Comment me yeah??

As a bonus, thought I might give you another 16-bit masterpiece, Not as heavy… Not as good… But it gives a nod to another favourite artist of mine… The crazy Israeli himself… Borgore… Btw… this ain’t DubStep… This is GoreStep baby. Enjoy people…

Borgore – Foes – 16-bit Fuck Hoes Remix

and relax…

DISCLAIMER: I claim no responsibility for anyone who breaks their neighbours window box, or stabs a tramp… (or anything equally as mean) due to listening to the angry music on my blog