Dizzee Rascal – Heavy ft Chase and Status


Dizzee is like Pendulum, started off his career with some of the newest freshest music you have ever heard… Then decided to go in a complete different direction. In Pendulum’s case making psuedo rock/dance for the Skins generation. In Dizzee’s case he has made cheesy dance music but with credible producers.

The difference is Dizzee has somehow managed to keep a shred of credibility, not 100% how even after leaving Beggars/XL and starting his own label… boy can do no wrong it seems.

With that in mind, he seems to have decided to make a tune which Dirty Stanks of what made him famous in the first place. Dirty filthy gwime (that’s right… gwime) music.

Tune is called “Heavy” and it is exactly that. Chase and Status do a pretty good job with the production switching from grime to dubstep to just downright heavyness. Enjoy