From Droid to Zoid (RIP Keith Floyd?)

Not often in ones short existence does one come across a piece of music that makes you want to stick your arms out and run around the room pretending to a plane quite as much as this… Just me?

Take Tom Neville, Serge Santiago and a cult late 70’s synth classic add some 80’s cartoon robots shooting lasers from their mouths and you get…

Retro/Grade – Zoid

To be fair its only bit better than the original… Actually quite a bit, updated synths and production sparkle of the two mildly great men…Actually, decide for yourself…

Now, i suppose i should mention something regarding Keith Floyd as he is mentioned in what I like to call “One line title poetry” or you might call “A gash title”.  Here is a clip of a French women telling him his food is shit. RIP

Cool? Bye!