Gonna Get Spor Prolixed out of my Receptor

Tech-Step… Nothing better on the dance floor… Screw Face engaged, King Kong stomp rigorously adhered to and fists and elbows brandished ready for action. Let the rave begin!

Anyway… until the next Renegade Hardware night… you will have to make do with this…

Decibel Point in session (from MixCloud)

Not for a long time has a DnB mix really stood out from the crowd of what seems to be 1. The same old dance floor tunes that any coked up nobhead would tell you is the future of drum and bass… and 2. A future DnB mix that is so minimal that you struggle to even pick out a rhythm through the pure pretense.

I know nothing about the DJ but i wish him well and hope he keeps it up.

If you can’t be arsed to listen to the whole mix… here is a few of the standout tracks. Sorry for the YouTube Links, Drum and Bass producers are pretty precious about their tracks… A good thing in the long run i reckon… but annoying for me…

First Prolix with “Twisted Angel VIP”, a track that if heard “in the dance” would probably make you want scream “FUCK OFF!!” Repeatedly… But in a good way…

Next, Receptor… A Russian producer I believe, with “Cigarette Lighter”… A tune that switches from euro trance to awesome fidgety tech step… Trancy Tech Wonk… Love it

And finally… the old master… Spor with a track that retains all the tech and toughness but jumps around lightly like Paris Hilton at a sausagefest. The tracks called “Some Other Funk”

Happy techstepping