The Swiss Make Good Music? Are you Having a Bubble Bath?

Bubbly bubbly.... Her elbow is bubbly

The Australians seem to like being good at things… and sometimes they are… Electronic music is one of them things.  Now when it comes to the way they do it… that’s another story. The French do it with an effortless cool, The Swedish with clean good looking charm, Belgians with a geeky beardy chic… but the Aussies… well they seem to just seem to look as if their blind mother has dressed them.  Now this isn’t an attack on the coolness of Australians… they are… but just when it comes to electro coolness… it always seems a little off to me.  Anyway… Enough Aussie bashing…

Down to business… The Swiss... Live disco band trio from Adelaide, signed to Modular, ridiculous disco geeks… erm… there is three of them.. Oh.. I said that…

Listen to this and then tell me you don’t have it stuck in your head for the whole rest of the day… If you do… I will as “Is that a lie?” already knowing the answer to be yes.

The Swiss – Bubble Bath