Tesla Boy – “Thinking of You” Video

Tesla Boy just gave their new video to Pop Justice… Why they didn’t give it to me is a mystery… Everyone who hasn’t heard the album should go and buy it…  Its on Amazon or whatever so why don’t you actually go buy an album for once?… The album doesn’t rely on the tried and tested MySpace tunes you have all heard with only a couple of tracks you have heard before on the tracklisting… which is below… But it is just as you would expect… Fantastic synth pop at it’s best.

1. Electric Lady
2. Synthetic Prince
3. Rebecca
4. Synchronizing
5. Minsk-2
6. Dark Street
7. Liberating Soul
8. Fire
9. Make Believe Ballroom
10. Thinking of You
11. Speed of Light

Chromeo And Daryl Hall

Just a quick one for those who love the 80’s and Chromeo. This passed me by but in 2008 half of 80’s synthpop duo Hall and Oates teamed up with Chromeo to make sweet eletro synth pop love.

If you wanna watch all the episodes go here… There are also other really good collaborations (Toots and the Maytals, Smokey Robinson etc)

New Chromeo album is imminent and is going to be called “Business Casual”, and don’t worry I will be keeping you informed of all the details… whether you like it or not.

Dizzee Rascal – Heavy ft Chase and Status


Dizzee is like Pendulum, started off his career with some of the newest freshest music you have ever heard… Then decided to go in a complete different direction. In Pendulum’s case making psuedo rock/dance for the Skins generation. In Dizzee’s case he has made cheesy dance music but with credible producers.

The difference is Dizzee has somehow managed to keep a shred of credibility, not 100% how even after leaving Beggars/XL and starting his own label… boy can do no wrong it seems.

With that in mind, he seems to have decided to make a tune which Dirty Stanks of what made him famous in the first place. Dirty filthy gwime (that’s right… gwime) music.

Tune is called “Heavy” and it is exactly that. Chase and Status do a pretty good job with the production switching from grime to dubstep to just downright heavyness. Enjoy

Gonna Get Spor Prolixed out of my Receptor

Tech-Step… Nothing better on the dance floor… Screw Face engaged, King Kong stomp rigorously adhered to and fists and elbows brandished ready for action. Let the rave begin!

Anyway… until the next Renegade Hardware night… you will have to make do with this…

Decibel Point in session (from MixCloud)

Not for a long time has a DnB mix really stood out from the crowd of what seems to be 1. The same old dance floor tunes that any coked up nobhead would tell you is the future of drum and bass… and 2. A future DnB mix that is so minimal that you struggle to even pick out a rhythm through the pure pretense.

I know nothing about the DJ but i wish him well and hope he keeps it up.

If you can’t be arsed to listen to the whole mix… here is a few of the standout tracks. Sorry for the YouTube Links, Drum and Bass producers are pretty precious about their tracks… A good thing in the long run i reckon… but annoying for me…

First Prolix with “Twisted Angel VIP”, a track that if heard “in the dance” would probably make you want scream “FUCK OFF!!” Repeatedly… But in a good way…

Next, Receptor… A Russian producer I believe, with “Cigarette Lighter”… A tune that switches from euro trance to awesome fidgety tech step… Trancy Tech Wonk… Love it

And finally… the old master… Spor with a track that retains all the tech and toughness but jumps around lightly like Paris Hilton at a sausagefest. The tracks called “Some Other Funk”

Happy techstepping

The Swiss Make Good Music? Are you Having a Bubble Bath?

Bubbly bubbly.... Her elbow is bubbly

The Australians seem to like being good at things… and sometimes they are… Electronic music is one of them things.  Now when it comes to the way they do it… that’s another story. The French do it with an effortless cool, The Swedish with clean good looking charm, Belgians with a geeky beardy chic… but the Aussies… well they seem to just seem to look as if their blind mother has dressed them.  Now this isn’t an attack on the coolness of Australians… they are… but just when it comes to electro coolness… it always seems a little off to me.  Anyway… Enough Aussie bashing…

Down to business… The Swiss... Live disco band trio from Adelaide, signed to Modular, ridiculous disco geeks… erm… there is three of them.. Oh.. I said that…

Listen to this and then tell me you don’t have it stuck in your head for the whole rest of the day… If you do… I will as “Is that a lie?” already knowing the answer to be yes.

The Swiss – Bubble Bath

To Hell – 16-Bit does Noisia

This is what comes up when you type "Rapist Robot Zombies" into Google Image

Imagine a movie where 40 foot half man half robot pedophile zombies attack the earth… Then imagine of something more terrifying… then imagine the soundtrack… You there? Well imagine no more. The soundtrack is here.

Being in essence a DnB nut from when I was just basically a kid made me think that Noisia where “The best that ever did it” when it came to production filth perfection, but now it pains me to say this… But the DubStep boys got them on the ropes with this one.

The original sounds like what music Metallica would make if they happened to be robots with synths for biceps and a distotion units for faces. Listen for yourselves…

Noisia – Machine Gun

But the 16-bit remix sounds like… well… even bigger production equipment based robots raping another bigger more angry production equipment based robot. Check out the second drop… Seriously the heaviest thing I have ever heard…

Noisia – Machine Gun – 16-bit Remix

A few verbal reactions to this could be:

“I have just shit and sicked at the same time”

“I have just shit my pants… several times”

“Fuck the sun!!!!!”

“This music hurts my feelings!!”

You may have said something else, I would love to hear what that something was… Comment me yeah??

As a bonus, thought I might give you another 16-bit masterpiece, Not as heavy… Not as good… But it gives a nod to another favourite artist of mine… The crazy Israeli himself… Borgore… Btw… this ain’t DubStep… This is GoreStep baby. Enjoy people…

Borgore – Foes – 16-bit Fuck Hoes Remix

and relax…

DISCLAIMER: I claim no responsibility for anyone who breaks their neighbours window box, or stabs a tramp… (or anything equally as mean) due to listening to the angry music on my blog

From Heaven… Russ Chimes does Ellie Goulding

Ellie.. Practicing her shotput technique?

Russ Chimes makes me wet… Simple… Not an image you want in your head… Not even an image I want in my head… But it’s true…

This was all over the blogs now within a couple of nano seconds of it being posted on DiscoDust. Unfortunately I seem to have too much of a life at the moment to get these things posted as soon as I hear about them… and for that I’m truly sorry because this is a little bit special.

Ellie Goulding has been in every “Ones to watch” list out there… and rightly so, She seems to be a great female pop act with no gimmicks… for once.  So when I heard that Russ Chimes was doing a remix of her new single “Starry Eyes” I got a bit excited… and when I heard it… “Shit… The…Bed”… and I don’t say that often (actually, I say it all the time but I rarely mean it.)

Listen and fall in love… then realise the reason for my dampness

Just to prove what a ridiculous stalker fan I am of this man… Here is a picture of me and him… (why do I do this to myself.)

Russ and Creasey sitting in a tree...