Gary Numan/Bonar Bradberry – Music for Chameleons/Carlos The Jackal

Carlos the Jackal? no no no no… It’s that Alan Partridge air bass tune. A tune that I had spent potentially days working out was Gary Numans “Music for Chameleons” Some years back. Now confronted with what seems to be exactly the same track jammed between two cosmic cousins by way of a mix I was suprised that Bonar Bradberry had taken it upon himself to rename it giving no reference to Mr Numan.

To make sure I am not reprimanded for not knowing the link between the seemingly new name Bradberry has given the track which makes it wholey acceptable for him to do so, I am going to say… I don’t care. It’s a good idea for a re-edit and one I hope to hear a bit of, but not too much in the million cosmic mixes made every 4 minutes, plus I think I like the new name better anyway…

Bonar Bradberry – Carlos the Jackal aka Gary Numan – Music for Chameleons (Bonar Bradberry Re-Edit)

Alternatively, Listen to the original on Spotify… or don’t…

Gary Numan – Music For Chameleons


One Response

  1. I like the alan partridge one better

    who wouldnt want a baby bell

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