Friends of cMaN… The Mixes

George Michael... stupid hand shape tan mark

As you may or may not remember a couple of weeks ago I featured a friend of mines mix… Tour de Force. seems he is getting a bit hooked on it… fine by me, because he shares probably the most similar music taste to me possible. So now he has done three fabulous mixes featuring pretty much every track I have loved over the last year or 3. I’m not even gonna take any credit of being some kind of inspiration and help to him (even though he knows its true ;))

Hop over to his mixcloud and check them all out… You WILL love them.

Quackcandle... pardon?...

Actually you might not… and the reason would be because you don’t “love all that cosmic Balearic bullshit” and prefer your music a little stankier? If so… Check another good friend of mines mixes, Goes by the name Quackcandle and has two dubstep mixes and one mix that he would class as “fidget wonk” or “wobble donk” or some other ludicrous genre.

Skip over to his mixcloud and check them out… you CAN’T hate them

Right… I have no more friends… that do mixes… so that’s all, and I promise to give you some real new music next time and not let my mates do the work.


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