Fuck Off!… Don’t



A quick one this time…

I’m already bored of this track… but it took me so long to record it from the artists MySpace (I know… I’m a naughty boy… Twisted if you read this and want me to take it down… no problem) that I feel obliged to do so. Don’t let that put you off though… If you love expletives a fraction as much as I do then you will enjoy this one. The production is pretty terrible but if you go to Twisted’s MySpace you will see that his tunes have improved a great deal since he made this one.

Twisted – You & You & You

If you heart dubstep as much as I heart dubstep then you should definitely go here

Less gimmick based posts and more actually great tunes soon.


3 Responses

  1. Badman… That tune is awesome, needed it in my life.. (Thanks twisted too)


  2. so the one on the left goes first then….

  3. sorry last comment was from Mikej

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